The T&M Pro User Certification Course is a self-paced online training class that will take you through all of the features and function of you T&M Pro program from start to end. The class includes an extensive training manual and workbook that you can read and work through at your own pace. The training workbook includes step-by-step examples and scenarios that you will practice inputting into your T&M Pro program. Once you feel comfortable and confident in using the T&M Pro software, you will take an online “exam” which will have a condensed review of the information in the manual as well as a question segment. Each section’s length will vary based on the information in the section. Once you have completed and passed the question segment of a section, you can then begin the next section. You can go through each section at your own pace, but when you begin answering the question, you must finish it in that sitting. After all the sections have been completed and passed, you will be a T&M Pro certified user! We are also proud to announce that the T&M Pro User Certification Course is now IICRC Approved for CE Credits of 7 Hours!