Imagine billing over $200 million dollars on a large loss job. Now imagine getting to a concluding meeting with the client or insurance company and being denied final payment. This can be a very real possibility when there is not enough supporting documentation to validate a final bill. Supporting documentation is one of the most crucial aspects of billing a Time and Material job. Without field sheets, a time and material bill is basically useless.

Field sheets include things like: a Daily Materials Sheet which documents all materials used that day, a Daily Labor Sheet which tracks the hours and breaks of all personnel on a job site each day, and a Daily Equipment and Tools which catalogs all of the machinery and tools used in a day. Because these sheets chronicle almost all of the monetary costs within a large loss project, it is pivotal that these sheets be consistently completed and indexed.

Without field sheets, there is not a way to ensure to the client that the items being billed for were actually used. Likewise, when the bill is audited without supporting documentation, it will immediately fail. Supporting documentation, such as field sheets, are make or break when it comes to getting paid. So why not ensure that you get paid by using a T&M software that provides the necessary resources needed to confidently face any type of audit situation? Check out our industry leading Time and Material billing software suite: